Press Coverage

  • Medical Research: Are younger people really addicted to  their smartphones? [read it here]

  • Spectator: Smartphone 'addiction' claims are based on flawed evidence, [read it here]

  • i Newspaper: Why those smartphone addiction studies are often wrong, [read it here]

  • Irvine Times: Smartphone addiction says  based on  'flawed' data, researchers say, [read it here]

  • The Independent: Smartphone addiction studies 'inaccurate', says researchers, [read it here]

  • New Scientist: Almost everything we know about social media and health could be wrong, [read it here]

  • New Statesman: Stop scaremongering about kids spending time on their phones, [read it here]

  • The Verge: Are smartphones bad for you? The problem with studies saying phones are bad for you, [read it here]

Television Interviews

  • China Global Television Network America: Brittany Davidson debunks digital detox and tech-addiction, [watch it here!]

Public Dissemination Articles

  • Ellis, D. A., Davidson, B. I., and Kaye, L. K., 2019, Should smartphones  really be banned  for children or do scientists have  a bigger problem? [link]

  • Ellis, D. A. & Davidson, B. I., 2019, Digital detoxes are a solution looking for a problem, The Conversation. [link]

  • Joinson, A. N. & Davidson, B. I., 2017, Why Networks Matter, CREST Security Review, 5, pp. 4-5. [link]

Invited Talks

  • Davidson, B. I., 2019, Technology, Social Media, + Society. University of Bristol's Social Media Round-Up

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