I have a PhD in Behavioural Science and Cyber Security... I did this at the  University of Bath, School of Management.

...I looked at online behaviour using a variety of computational techniques. I [still] arguably sit in the space between computer science [data science], behavioural science, and information systems. 

More specifically...

I am interested in identity across context and over time. I like to research identity, digital traces, and online behavioural patterns using a variety of methods. For instance, data mining techniques, machine learning, natural language processing, I occasionally interview lovely participants, and more general statistical methods. My latest fascinations are linguistics and more intensive computational methods.


I am starting to write about technology more generally, often specifically focussed on smartphones and social media.

I was a Policy Advisor at the Cabinet Office. Previously, I interned twice at Lloyds Banking Group as a Risk Manager in Global Risk and as a Channel Analyst in Digital Banking while I studied at the University of Edinburgh.  

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