Hi, I'm Brit.


I am an Assistant Professor of Analytics at the University of Bath [read more here] and I am also an Honorary Lecturer in Digital Health at the University of Bristol [read more here]. 

I am interested in how we can use digital traces to better understand people with applications in both security and health. With this, I apply a variety of methods, including traditional statistical techniques, machine learning, computational linguistics, as well as some qualitative techniques. I am particularly interested in how we can understand how individuals negotiate and adapt their behavior over time and across contexts, both on- and offline [this was also my PhD topic, which can be read/downloaded here]. 


Additionally, measurement and inferences are key to my work, where I am fascinated about how we conceptualise, capture, measure, and generate inferences about individuals. 


I am also associated with the Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats (CREST) [link] and I am an Expert Fellow within the SPRITE+ Network, which is interested in the challenges underpinning digital trust, identity, privacy, and security. I am a part of the PsychSensor Lab [based at Universities of Bath and Lancaster]. This work has two key strands: improving behavioral measurement (psychometrics) and understanding the impact of technology on society.