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Brit Davidson

Associate Professor of Analytics


Brit Davidson

PhD in Behavioural Science & Cybersecurity


  • Data Science

  • Computational Social Science

  • R Stats

  • Machine Learning and Text Analytics

  • Behavioural Analytics

  • Online Behaviour

  • Ethics (data, digital, ML)

  • Defence & Security

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I am an Associate Professor of Analytics at the Univeristy of Bath [read more here] and I am an Honourary Lecturer in Digital Health at the University of Bristol [read more here]. I work as a defence contractor helping with all things digital, data, and analytics. 

I am interested in how we can use new and emerging forms of data (eg digital traces from social media, smartphones, sensors) to better understand various online and offline behaviours and how this can be fractured across the lifespan and across facets of our lives. 

I have particular interest in measurement and how we conceptualise, operationalise, measure, model, and generate inferences about the individual and how they use technology for positive (and sometimes negative) consequences for themselves and others. I love methods, protocols, and finding new ways to tackle complex problems. 

I am passionate about ethics and understanding how to appropriately and fairly analyse digital traces among other digital data while also being a keen Open Science supporter. 

Education & Experience


2016 -- 2019 

PhD at the University of Bath, UK

Behavioural Science & Cybersecurity

Thesis Title: Shape Shifting Behaviour Across Digital Systems

2012 -- 2016 

Master of Arts (Honours) at the University of Edinburgh, UK


2011 -- 2012

Cert.HE at the University of Westminster, UK


Academic Experience

May 2023 -- 

Associate Professor of Analytics, University of Bath, UK

Sept 2020 -- Apr 2023

Assistant Professor of Analytics, University of Bath, UK

Feb 2022 -- Feb 2023

Data Science Consultant & Head of Digital Technologies Development, Nova Systems International

Jul 2019 -- Sept 2020

Research Associate, University of Bristol, UK

Department of Engineering & School of Computer Science

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