Hi, I'm Brit.


I'm a Research Associate in the Digital Health Engineering Group [University of Bristol]; here is my staff page. I am working on online mental health service delivery, specifically understanding young persons' and mental health services.  My work here is both qualitative and quantitative. 

I will be joining the University of Bath in the fall of 2020 as an Assistant Professor of Analytics, in the Information, Decisions, and Operations Division of the School of Management. I will be teaching data mining and machine learning courses. 

Research-wise, I am interested in online behavior and identity over time and across contexts [This is what I spent most of my PhD researching, which I completed in Sept 2019]. I continue to use a variety of general statistical techniques, computational approaches to behavioral data/digital traces (e.g., machine learning, 'big' data analytics), and qualitative methods (e.g., thematic analysis, repertory grids) for both health and security applications. 


Additionally, I am associated with the Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats (CREST) [link]. I am also an Expert Fellow within the SPRITE+ Network, which is interested in the challenges underpinning digital trust, identity, privacy, and security.

Additionally, I have interests in technology and society, where I have researched objective smartphone measurement (digital traces) with the PsychSensor Lab [University of Bath]. This work has two key strands: improving behavioral measurement (psychometrics) and understanding the impact of technology on society. 

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