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Full publications can be found on my Google Scholar

Some Recent Publications:

  • Racek, D., Davidson, B.I., Thurner, P.W., & Kauermann, G. (2023). The Politics of Language Choice: How the Russian-Ukrainian War Influences Ukrainian's Language Use on Twitter. ArXiV -- Preprint. [link]

    • Preprinted​

  • Racek, D., Thurner, P.W., Davidson, B.I., Zhu, X., & Kauermann, G. (2023). Conflict Forecasting using Remote Sensing Data: An Application to the Syrian Civil War. International Journal of Forecasting [link coming]

    • Data and code available​

  • van der Linden, Davidson, B.I., et al., (2022). On the role of technology in human-dog relationships: a future filled with dreams or nightmares? IEEE Transactions on Technology & Society [link]

  • Brown, O., Smith, L.G.E, Davidson, B.I., & Ellis, D.A. (2022). The problem with the internet: an affordance-based approach for psychological research on networked technologies. Acta Psychologica. [link]

  • Davidson, B. I., Shaw, H., & Ellis, D.A. (2022). Fuzzy Constructs in Technology Usage Scales. Computers in Human Behavior. [link]

    • Preprinted.

    • Data and code available.

  • Davidson B. I. (2022), The Crossroads of Digital Phenotyping. Special Issue on Mobile Technology in Medical and Psychiatric Settings in General Hospital Psychiatry [link]

  • Davidson, B.I., Ferrer Portillo, K.F., Wac, W., McWilliams, C., Bourdeaux, C., & Craddock, I.J., (2022). Requirements for bespoke ICU Dashboard in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, JMIR Human Factors. [link]

  • Parry, D.A., et al., (2021). Social Media and Well-being: A Methodological Perspective. In the Special Issue: Social Media and Well-being 2022 in Current Opinion in Psychology. [Invite Only]. [link]

    • Preprinted.

  • Davidson, B.I., Ellis, D.A., & Stachl, C., Taylor, P.J., & Joinson, A.N. (In Press). Measurement practices exacerbate the generalizability crisis: Novel digital measures can help. Behavioral and Brain Sciences. [Invite Only] [link]

  • Parry, D.A., Davidson, B.I., Sewall, C., and Fisher, J., (2021). A systematic review and meta-analysis of discrepancies between logged and self-reported digital media use, Nature Human Behaviour. [link]

    • Preregistered.

    • Preprinted.

    • Data and code available.

  • Geyer, K., Ellis, D. A., Shaw, H., and Davidson, B. I., (2021). Open-source smartphone apps and tools for measuring, quantifying, and visualizing screen time. Behavior Research Methods. [link]

    • Code and app available.

  • Davidson, B. I., & Joinson, A. N., (2021), Shape Shifting Across Social Media. Social Media + Society. [link]

  • Dienlin, T., Johannes, N., Bowman, N.D., … Davidson, B.I., … et al., (2021), An Agenda for Open Science in Communication, Journal of Communication, [Foundation piece for a special issue: Open Science in Communications]. [link]

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