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Tangy Blackberry Curd (using frozen berries)

As you might have noticed, I am enjoying fiddling with various curd recipes. Once thing I have noticed, particularly living in the UK is the rising cost of fresh fruit, and I wanted to also have a go and see how much I needed to adapt the recipe for frozen berries, as I've found this to be a much more affordable way to buy a variety of fruit. If you do want to use fresh fruit, follow my raspberry curd recipe and substitue in your berries of choice! This will make around 500g, and of course, the PDF photo version of the recipe is available to download at the bottom of the page.


  • 300g frozen blackberries

  • 4 UNWAXED lemons (juice + zest)

  • 4 whole eggs

  • 200g (white) granulated sugar

  • 120g UNSALTED butter (cut into cubes!)


  • Jars

    • Mason jars are good but anything you can sterilize/or are oven safe

  • Cooking

    • Onepot

    • Sieve

    • Bowl

  • Don’t forget to sterilizeyour jars

    • Either pop the jars (and lids) into a large pot of boiling water for 15m

    • Or pop them into the oven at ~115-120℃ for 15m

Let's cook

  • First put the frozen blackberries, sugar, and lemon (juice + zest) into your pot on a low-medium heat

  • Let the blackberries thaw and break down, this takes some time! You can use your whisk to speed this up

  • Once everything is heated through,turn off the heat and let this mixture cool down

  • Once this has cooled down (give it 15m) add in your eggs. Keep the mixture moving so the eggs don’t curdle

    • After 2-5 minutes the mixture should start thickening up

  • Once it the thickening has started and it is almost a custard-like texture, take off the heat, and add in the butter and keep whisking

  • Once you butter has mixed into your curd, get the bowl and the sieve, and pour the mixture into the sieve

  • Use either the whisk or a spoon to push as much of the curd through into the bowl

  • Once you’ve got most out,you’ll have a LOT of seeds and pips left over

  • Pour or spoon into your sterilized jars, let cool before putting into the fridge

Download PDF • 10.84MB

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